Logo Accredited Company / Office Name & Contact Information
Adnan AlAjeel & Partners Advocates & legal Consultants
Contact Number: +96522451315 / +96522451316
Email: info@atbpartners.com
Website: www.atbpartners.com
Aeon Gulf General Trading and Contracting Co.
Contact Number: +96522205891 / +96522205893
Email: info@aeongulf.com / faisal.alruwaih@aeongulf.com
Website: www.aeongulf.com
Al Aiban & Al Qatami Company For Ip & Consulting – Grant Thornton Advisory Services Member
Contact Number: +96599840993
Email: tarek.shashaah@advisory.kw.gt.com
Website: www.grantthornton.com.kw
Al Markaz Law Firm
Contact Number: +96522464640
Email: info@markazlaw.com
Website: www.markazlaw.com
AlBisher Legal Group
Anwar AlBisher, Talal AlBisher & Partners Attorneys at LAW
Contact Number: +96522431122
Email: anwar@albisherlaw.com
Website: www.albisherlaw.com
Al-Hossam Legal – Al-Turqi & Partners Legal Consultants & Attorneys
Contact Number: +96522909262 | +96590003737
Email: hossam@hossamlegal.com OR general@hossamlegal.com
Website: www.hossamlegal.com
Al-Twaijri & Partners Law Firm (TLF)
Contact Number: +96522055020 Ext. 144
Email: twaijri@twaijri.com
Website: www.twaijri.com
Al-Wagayan Al-Awadhi Al-Saif Attorneys & Legal Consultants
Contact Number: +96522407040
Email: info@nen.com.kw
Website: www.nen.com.kw
ASAR – Al Ruwayeh & Partners
Contact Number: +9652922700 / +96522922711
Email: asar@asarlegal.com
Website: www.asarlegal.com
Baker Tilly Consulting Company W.L.L
Contact Number: +9651887799 Ext. 331 or 300
Email: oa@bakertillykuwait.com OR hs@bakertillykuwait.com
Website: www.bakertillykuwait.com
BDO for Economic, Administrative, Industrial Consultant & Computer Company W.L.L
Contact Number: +96522426999
Email: contact@bdo.com.kw
Website: www.bdo.com.kw
Cubical Services Company, Business Incubators
Contact Number: +96522050650
Email: info@cubicalservices.com
Website: www.cubicalservices.com
Kuwait Professional Consultancy Group (KCG)
Contact Number: +96596904667
Email: info@kcg-kw.com
Website: www.kcg-kw.com
Deloitte Consulting Co. WLL
Contact Number: +96566668205 / +96596644806
Email: Iabbas@deloitte.com / mdessouki@deloitte.com / dalhussain@deloitte.com
Website: www.deloitte.com
Name Email ID Contact Number Designation
Alok Chugh Alok.chugh@kw.ey.com +965-97223004 Partner
Ketan Puri Ketan.puri@kw.ey.com +965-97142075 Assistant Manager
Raunak Pathak Raunak.Pathak@kw.ey.com +965-97188602 Consultant
Louloua Al Ali Louloua.alali@kw.ey.com@kw.ey.com +965-65099980 Senior Consultant
Sulaiman Al Omar Sulaiman.M.Alomar@kw.ey.com +965-97333347 Associate
Evolvance for Economic Consultants Co. W.L.L.
Contact Number: +96599756475 / +96599682334
Email: shafqat@evolvanceconsultants.com
Website: www.evolvanceconsultants.com
GF for Project Management and Economic Consultations Co.
Contact Number: +96567034567 / +96522258260
Email: info@gf-kw.com
Website: www.gf-kw.com
Global Zone General Trading & Contracting Co. WLL
Contact Number: +96522498510
Website: www.globalzoneco.com
Hanan Jaber Al Sabah
Contact Number: +9651887088
Email: hanan.law@hotmail.com
Hussain Al Huraiti & Partners Attorneys and Legal Consultants
Contact Number: +96556533333 / +96522053333
Website: www.alhuraitilaw.com
International Counsel Bureau – Lawyers & Legal Consultants
Contact Number: +96522205344
Email: icb@icbkuwait.com.kw
Website: www.icbkuwait.com.kw
International Legal Group (ILG)
Contact Number: +96594445447 / +96522425157
Contact Number: +99516530
Email: Abdullah.alsamdan@ilg.com.kw
Email: ming.xu@ilg.com.kw
Website: www.ilg.com.kw
KPMG Advisory W.L.L.
Contact Number: +96522287000
Email: KW-DL-Markets@kpmg.com
Website: https://home.kpmg.com/kw/en/home.html
Kuwait Financial Centre K.P.S.C “Markaz”
Contact Number: +96522248000
Email: MidOfficeIB@markaz.com
Website: www.Markaz.com
Law Firm
Contact Number: +96522554008 | +96522554009
Website: http://www.lawfirmkw.com
Law Firm of Yaqoub Yousef Al-Munayae Attorneys & Legal Consultants
Contact Number: +96522966420 / +96522966421
Email: infokuwait@tamimi.com
Website: www.tamimi.com
MAZARS Advisory Co
Contact Number: +96522470462 Email: Info@mazars.com.kw
Website: https://gcc.mazars.com/
Contact Number: +96560700029 / +96560700089
Email: info@merasconsulting.com
Website: www.merasconsulting.com
Meshari Al-Osaimi, Attorneys and Legal Consultants
Contact Number: +96522440112
Website: www.alosaimilaw.com
Meysan Lawyers and Legal Consultants
Contact Number: +96522051000
Email: contactus@meysan.com
Website: www.meysan.com
Mohammad Meslet Thaar Alotaibi Lawyer Office
Contact Number: +96522272212 / +96522272213
Email: info@mmakw.com / mma@mmakw.com
Website: www.mmakw.com
Price Water House Coopers – For Advisory Services
Contact Number: +96599537788
Website: www.pwc.com/me
Projects House Engineering Consultancy
Contact Number: +96522217522
Email: info@projects.com.kw
Website: www.projects.com.kw
RSM AlBazie Management Consulting & Economic Company W.L.L.
Contact Number: +96569926642 / +96522961408
Email: connect@rsm.com.kw
Website: www.rsm.global/kuwait/
Rula Dajani Law Office in association with HFW
Contact Number: +96522203668 / +96597337400
Email: rda@hfw.com
Website: www.hfw.com/kuwait
The Associated Engineering Partnership (Dar Taep)
Contact Number: +96522943214 / +96522943213
Email: taepku@yahoo.com / info@taepku.com
Website: www.taepku.com
Tri International Consulting Group (TICG)

Contact Number: +96522415057
Email: nada.fahmy@ticg.com.kw
Website: www.ticg.com.kw

Al-Yaqout Legal Group

Contact Number: +96522250211+96566880909
Email: info@alyaqoutlg.com – – khalifah@alyaqoutlg.com
Website: www.alyaqoutlg.com

Dr. Faisal Alfahad & Partners Consultants & Attorneys

Contact Number: +96522915340
Email: info@alfahadlaw.com
Website: www.alfahadlaw.com

AL Mousa Law Firm

Contact Number: +96522412317+96555880114
Email: moudhyalmousa@yahoo.com
Website: www.almousalawfirm.com

Dar Al-Turath Consulting Engineering

Contact Number: +96522625059+96522625057+96522625056
Email: infoalturathkw@alturatheng83.com
Website: www.alturatheng83.com

AL-FOZAN ENTERPRISES General Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L.

Contact Number: +96550258882+96599291449+96524914749+96524914750
Website: http://www.aegtc.com


Contact Number: +96599523111

Taher Group Law Firm

Contact Number: +96522552590+9651803020
Website: www.tahergrp.org

Project Management International Systems

Contact Number: +96522642525+96522635252 +96599664292 +96597239720
Website: www.pmiq8.com

Engineering Systems Group Co

Contact Number: +96522250760+96555011055
Website: www.esg-kuwait.com

Alkafaah law firm

Contact Number: +96522202022+96550250200 +96566332288
Email:info@alkafaahoffice.com – alkafaah2007@gmail.com
Website: www.alkafaahoffice.com

Excel For Economic & Financial Consultations

Contact Number: +96566671722

Crowe Kuwait Consulting

Contact Number: +96522942740
Website: www.crowe.com.kw