Aseel Sulaiman Abdulaziz Al-Saad Al-Munifi is the Assistant Undersecretary for Financial and Tax affairs in the Ministry of Finance.

Bachelor of Accounting and Auditing – Kuwait University (1994)

Ms. Aseel Al-Munifi has 22 years of experience in the field of Kuwaiti and international taxation and a broad knowledge of international accounting standards. She has been working in the Administration from the position of Tax inspector on September 26, 1995 until she became Assistant Undersecretary for Financial and Tax Affairs on 26/7/2017.

Ms. Al-Munifi has been the head of the Tax Appeals Committee at the Ministry of Finance since 2004. It is a committee that deals with appeals filed by companies to resolve disputes arising between companies and the tax administration.

She contributed significantly to the development of the tax sector since joining the Ministry of Finance in 1995 and was a key element in the issuance of many ministerial and administrative decisions that organized the work procedures because of its insight and efficiency in legal drafting.
-Law No. (2) of 2008 amending the Income Tax Decree No. (3) for the year 1955, which resulted in a reduction of the tax rate from 55% to 15% as a fixed tax rate, is one of the most important tax achievements.

Ms. Aseel is a member of the “Thukhur” club. In 2011 she was selected among the best 150 leaders and project managers in the State of Kuwait from among (1000) applicants to participate in the (National Development Leadership Project “Thukhur”). She passed all the technical tests and was trained in New York city for 3 weeks at Cornell University on Leadership Skills and Project Management. She received a certificate of passing the Leadership Development Program. She also won first place along with her team mates on e-waste project from the seven competing teams before an Evaluation Committee of specialist from Cornell University professors.